Coyote Sighting Alert

From the Mayor: There have been a few Coyote sightings in town over the past few days. To minimize interactions with these animals, we suggest the following:

-Remove dog/cat food and water from your yards
-Remove bird feeders at night
-Close garbage can lids tightly
-Bring your pets in at night.
– watch small children in yards as they can be accidentally mistaken as small animals.

It is very rare that a Coyote will attack humans as they are instinctively afraid of us. However, they could start to lose that fear if around humans long enough.

If you encounter a Coyote, do the following:
Make loud noises, waive your arms up and down and/or toss something like a rock towards them. They are easily spooked and should retreat very quickly.
If you have any additional questions please email or call Ray.

posted 5/15/2021