Archived Planning Board Agendas & Minutes

Archived Planning Board Minutes and Agendas.

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Planning Board meetings are typically held every first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at Millstone Borough Hall. Meetings are advertised, in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, in the Courier News.  Refer to the list of Planning Board agendas and minutes.

2018 Meeting Schedule

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JanuaryJanuary 16, 2018 ***January 16th ***
FebruaryFebruary 6th (Canceled)February 6th(Canceled)
MarchMarch 6thMarch 6th (Canceled)
AprilApril 3rdApril 3rd
MayMay 8th *May 8th *
JuneJune 12th *June 12th * (Canceled)
JulyNo meeting scheduledNo meeting scheduled
AugustAugust 7thAugust 7th
SeptemberSeptember 4thSeptember 4th
OctoberOctober 2ndOctober 2nd Canceled
NovemberNovember 20th **November 20th **
DecemberDecember 4thDecember 4th Canceled
* 2nd Tuesday, due to elections,  ** 3rd Tuesday, ***Denotes reorganization meeting

2017 Meeting Schedule
(view the Sunshine Notice)
JanuaryJanuary 2017 **January 2017 **
Februaryview the Cancellation Noticeview the Cancellation Notice
MarchMarch 7thMarch 7th
AprilApril 4thApril 4th
MayMay 9thMay 9th
June (Cancellation Notice)June 13th * (Cancelled)June 13th * (Cancelled)
JulyNo meeting scheduledNo meeting scheduled
AugustAugust 1stAugust 1st
SeptemberSeptember 5thSeptember 5th
OctoberOctober 3rdOctober 3rd
NovemberNovember 14th *November 14th * Cancelled
DecemberDecember 5thDecember 5th
January 2018 Meeting NoticeJanuary 2018 **January 2018 **
* 2nd Tuesday, due to elections,  ** Denotes reorganization meeting

2016 Meeting Schedule
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January (Meeting NoticeCancellation Notice)January 2016 **January 2016 **
FebruaryNo Meeting ScheduledNo Meeting Scheduled
MarchMarch 1st (Cancelled)March 1st (Cancelled)
AprilApril 5thApril 5th
MayMay 3rd (Cancelled)May 3rd (Cancelled)
JuneJune 14th * (Cancelled)June 14th * (Cancelled)
JulyNo Meeting ScheduledNo Meeting Scheduled
AugustAugust 2ndAugust 2nd
SeptemberSeptember 6thSeptember 6th
OctoberOctober 4thOctober 4th
NovemberNovember 8th (Cancelled) *November 8th (Cancelled) *
DecemberDecember 6thDecember 6th
 January 26th 2017 **January 26th 2017 **
* 2nd Tuesday, due to elections,  ** Denotes reorganization meeting

2015 Meeting Schedule
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JanuaryJanuary 2015 *January 2015 *
February (Meeting Notice)February 3rd (Canceled)February 3rd (Canceled)
MarchMarch 3rd (Canceled)March 3rd (Canceled)
AprilApril 7thApril 7th
MayMay 5thMay 5th
JuneJune 9th *June 9th *
JulyJuly 7th (Cancelled)July 7th (Cancelled)
August (Meeting Notice)August 4thAugust 4th
SeptemberSeptember 1stSeptember 1st
OctoberOctober 6thOctober 6th
NovemberNovember 10th *November 10th *
DecemberDecember 1stDecember 1st
 January 26th 2016 **January 26th 2016 **
* 2nd Tuesday, due to elections,  ** Denotes reorganization meeting

2014 Meeting Schedule
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JanuaryJanuary 14th **January 14th **
FebruaryFebruary 4thFebruary 4th
MarchMarch 4thMarch 4th
AprilApril 1stApril 1st
MayMay 6th – CancelledMay 6th – Cancelled
JuneJune 3rd – CancelledJune 3rd – Cancelled
JulyJuly 1st  – Cancelled, July 15thJuly 1st – Cancelled, July 15th
AugustNo Meeting ScheduledNo Meeting Scheduled
SeptemberSeptember 2ndSeptember 2nd
OctoberOctober 7thOctober 7th
NovemberNovember 11th *November 11th *
DecemberDecember 2nd – CancelledDecember 29thDecember 2nd – Cancelled, December 29th
January 2015 **January 2015 **
* 2nd Tuesday, due to elections,  ** Denotes reorganization meeting

2013 Meeting Schedule
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JanuaryJanuary 8th **January 8th **January 17th
FebruaryFebruary 5thFebruary 5th
MarchMarch 5thMarch 21st (Combined)March 5thMarch 21st (Combined)
AprilApril 2nd (Cancelled)April 2nd (Cancelled)
MayMay 7thMay 7th
JuneJune 4th (Cancelled)June 4th (Cancelled)
July (Official Meeting Notice)July 2ndJuly 2nd
AugustAugust 6th (Cancelled)August 6th (Cancelled)
SeptemberSeptember 3rd (Cancelled)September 3rd (Cancelled)
OctoberOctober 1stOctober 1st
NovemberNovember 12th *November 12th
DecemberDecember 3rdDecember 3rd
January 2014 **January 2014 **
* 2nd Tuesday, due to elections,  ** Denotes reorganization meeting

2012 Meeting Schedule (view the Meeting Notice)AgendasMinutes
JanuaryJanuary 10th **January 10th **
FebruaryFebruary 7thFebruary 7th
MarchMarch 6thMarch 6th
AprilApril 3rdApril 3rd
MayMay 1stMay 1st
JuneJune 5th CancelledJune 5th Cancelled
JulyNo MeetingNo Meeting
AugustAugust 7thAugust 7th
SeptemberSeptember 4thSeptember 4th
OctoberOctober 2ndOctober 2nd
NovemberNovember 13th CancelledNovember 13th Cancelled
DecemberDecember 4thDecember 4th
ReorganizationJanuary 2013 **January 2013 **
* 3rd Tuesday, due to elections,  ** Denotes reorganization meeting

2011 Meeting Schedule (view the Meeting Notice, view the revised Meeting Schedule)AgendasMinutes
JanuaryJanuary 25th (view Sunshine Notice)January 25th
FebruaryFebruary 22ndFebruary 22nd
MarchMarch 22ndMarch 22nd
AprilApril 26thApril 26th
MayMay 24th (Rescheduled for June 7th)May 24th (Rescheduled for June 7th)
MayJune 7thJune 7th
JuneJune 28thJune 28th
JulyJuly 5thJuly 5th
AugustAugust 2nd CancelledAugust 2nd
SeptemberSeptember 6thSeptember 6th
OctoberOctober 4thOctober 4th
NovemberNovember 1stNovember 1st
DecemberDecember 6thDecember 6th
ReorganizationJanuary 10th 2012 *January 10th 2012 *
* Denotes reorganization meeting.

2010 Meeting Schedule (view the Meeting Notice )AgendasMinutes
JanuaryJanuary 11thJanuary 11th
FebruaryFebruary 23rdFebruary 23rd
MarchMarch 23rdMarch 23rd
AprilApril 27thApril 27th
MayMay 25thMay 25th
JuneJune 22ndJune 22nd
JulyJuly 27thJuly 27th
AugustAugust August 10th (view Meeting Notice),August 24th – CanceledAugust 10th,August 24th – Canceled
SeptemberSeptember 28thSeptember 28th
OctoberOctober 18th ( view Meeting Notice), October 26th (view Meeting Notice)October 18th
NovemberNovember 23rdNovember 23rd
DecemberDecember 14thDecember 14th
Reorganization (view Sunshine Notice)January 18th, 2011 *January 18th, 2011 *
* Denotes reorganization meeting.

2009 Meeting Schedule (view the Meeting Notice)AgendasMinutes
JanuaryJanuary 27thJanuary 27th
FebruaryFebruary 24thFebruary 24th
MarchMarch 24thMarch 24th
AprilApril 28thApril 28th
MayMay 26thMay 26th
JuneJune 23rdJune 23rd
JulyJuly 28thJuly 28th
AugustAugust 25thAugust 25th
SeptemberSeptember 22nd (Canceled)September 22nd (Canceled)
OctoberOctober 27thOctober 19th, October 27th
NovemberNovember 24thNovember 24th
DecemberDecember 15thDecember 15th
Reorganization (view Sunshine Notice)January 11th, 2010 *January 11th, 2010 *
* Denotes reorganization meeting.

2008 Meeting ScheduleAgendasMinutes
JanuaryJanuary 8th,January 22ndJanuary 8th,January 22nd
FebruaryFebruary 26thFebruary 26th
MarchMarch 25thMarch 25th
AprilApril 22ndApril 22nd
MayMay 27thMay 27th
JulyJuly 22ndJuly 22nd
AugustAugust 26thAugust 26th
SeptemberSeptember 23rdSeptember 23rd
OctoberOctober 28thOctober 28th
NovemberNovember 25thNovember 25th
DecemberDecember 18thDecember 18th
ReorganizationJanuary 6th, 2009 *01/06/2009 *
* Denotes reorganization meeting.

2007 Meeting Schedule (view the Meeting Notice)AgendasMinutes
Reorganization (view Sunshine Notice)January , 2010 *January , 2010 *
* Denotes reorganization meeting.