2018 Millstone Borough Heavy Trash Clean-up Day

The Borough’s 2018 Annual Clean-up Day will be held on Tuesday, June 5th 2018 between 6am and 12 pm.

Rubbish should be curbside prior to 5am on collection day. only bulky trash such as furniture, lumber, construction debris, appliances, bundled brush and tree parts will be collected. Smaller items should be bagged canned or bundled so that one person can handle it.

The following items WILL NOT be collected:

  • Hazardous materials (fuels, paints, pesticides)
  • Tires
  • Loose items
  • Masonry debris
  • Items heavier than 200 lbs and/or longer than 5 ft.
  • Items containing freon without an evacuation tag from a certified technician
  • Electronics (TVs, computers, printers, etc.)
  • Tree stumps or large tree parts.