New Millstone Borough Email Lists Now Available

The Millstone Borough web site has a new feature… Email Lists! There are two lists:

  • Millstone Borough Community Connections
    This email list is used by residents to exchange information with other residents who have subscribed to the list. When a email is sent to the list email it forwards the email to all subscribers. The thought here is that it will facilitate connections with the Millstone community.
  • Millstone Borough Emergency Notification
    This email list is used by the Mayor and other officials to send out emergency notifications to borough residents who have subscribed to the list. This email list is different than the Community Connections list in that email will only be sent from the Millstone officials to those who are subscribed… subscribers cannot reply and have their messages forwarded to the other subscribers.

If you are not already subscribed, go to the Email Subscriptions page and follow the simple instructions.