2011 Millstone Budget

The municipal budget of the Borough of Millstone, County of Somerset, for the fiscal year 2011.
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Vintage Postcards of Millstone Wanted

The rehabilitation of the Millstone Borough Hall interior is underway, funded by the Somerset County Cultural and Heritage Commission Grant Program, under the direction of the Millstone Historic District Commission, with Tarantino Architect.   And now, we could use the help of the community.


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Recycle Your Old Rechargeable Batteries and Cell Phones

New Jersey supports recycling and green business practices through their partnership with Call2Recycle®, a free and easy battery and cell phone recycling program. To find the nearest drop off location to recycle your used rechargeable batteries and cell phones call 1-877-2-RECYCLE or visit call2recycle.org.
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Find Historic Sites to Visit in Somerset County

If you are interested in finding Historic Sites to visit in Somerset County, check out an online guide to Somerset County historic sites that are open to the public which has been revamped with updated text and new photos.
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2010 Millstone Budget

The municipal budget of the Borough of Millstone, County of Somerset, for the fiscal year 2010.
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Sign Up for Somerset County’s Free E-Newsletter

If you’d like to receive free updates on Somerset County programs, services and issues in a convenient email format, sign up for the free e-newsletter from the Board of Freeholders. The county also offers free email alerts and is on Twitter and Facebook.
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Changes in Somerset County Battery Recycling

Due to a new Federal DOT regulation, starting Jan. 1, 2010 Somerset County Recycling will no longer pickup household batteries curbside.
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What you should know about Emergency Preparedness

Do you know the six basics you should have in your home in case of any emergency?  If not, check out this emergency preparedness checklist.